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Walsn specializes in research and develop the instruments for environmental protection. Walsn has extended the business worldwide and earned an excellent reputation for high product quality, superior expertise, technical ability, customer service, and flexibility.

Our expertly trained and certified staff of technicians, maintenance engineers and professional consultants form a dependable resource for our Canadian customers.

All business partners and clients can contact us by phone, fax, and E-mail. As with all of our pother product lines, Peterson Instruments together with Walsn staff will provide superlative service and technical support from engineering through completion stages and on down the line throughout the life of our instruments in field service.

The Service and Technical Support Department at Peterson provides a comprehensive package of support for a varied range of instruments throughout the lifecycle of engineering, procurement, installation, and facility operation.

Initially our services were built around the requirements of the products we were supplying. Today we are capable of offering a comprehensive level of service regardless of the instrument, manufacturer or supplier.

For more information on support provided by Peterson / Walsn, please Contact Us directly with your enquiry.

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