Chemical Pump Systems




Wolverine and Python model Chemical Pump Systems are pneumatically or electrically operated, highly reliable Chemical Pump Systems for high pressure and extreme service applications.

Python Chemical Pump SystemsPython Chemical Pump Systems

The Graco Python Chemical Pump Systems are the right solution for injecting chemicals at well sites and pipelines to protect them from corrosion, plugging and freezing. Python pumps offer features critical to the oil and gas industry…MORE…



Wolverine Chemical Pumps Systems

Wolverine Chemical Pump SystemsWolverine Electric Chemical Pump Systems are available in AC and DC Operated versions are hazardous location pumps with explosion proof pump motors designed to operate in applications requiring Class 1, Division 1 rated products.

Hazardous location Chemical Pump Systems, the Wolverine is designed for injecting chemicals at well sites and pipelines. Explosion proof motors are an integral part of these hazardous location pumps designed to operate in applications requiring Class 1, Division 1 rated products.

  • Easily integrated with Graco chemical injection solar powered systems.
  • Reduce emissions to the atmosphere and have a greater level of control when used with our injection rate controllers.
  • Our injection pumps are designed for up to two years of operation before simple repairs.
  • Each pump features an adjustable fluid packing that lasts up to 25 times longer than non-adjustable seals.
  • All Wolverine pumps have 316 SST wetted parts, plus they are resistant against water and dust.  MORE…

Solar Chemical Pump Systems

Graco offers three chemical injection systems that run off solar energy so there’s no gas exhaust released into the atmosphere or need for instrument air. Our systems include state-of-the-art technology with features that save both time and money. In addition, system configurations come with the necessary hardware to quickly get you up and running.

Solar Chemical Pump Systems

  • Harrier+ Injection Rate Controller – adaptive flow control technology for injection accuracy and assurance
  • Control and monitor your system from your mobile device
  • Wolverine Simplex or Duplex Electric Pump, 1/11 or 1/5 hp
  • Max flow = 40 gpd (150 lpd)
  • Max pressure = 10,000 psi (689 bar, 68.9 MPa)
  • Solar panels up to 150W
  • Premium AGM battery, 105 Ah
  • Operating temperatures from -40°F to 135°F (-40°C to 57°C)
  • Chemical pump (injection) packages are rigorously field-tested to ensure optimum performance
  • Solar pumping systems can provide reliable chemical injection for up to four days without sun
  • Electronic injection rate controllers ensure precise injection rates – optimizing your process
  • Control and monitor your chemical injection system with your mobile device for peace of mind
  • Pump components are designed for up to two years of operation between service intervals
  • Ideal for remote installations in extreme temperatures
  • Save money by reducing chemical waste when you use our adaptive injection rate controls
  • Lower energy costs by using off-the-grid solar powered systems vs. pneumatic or grid powered pumps.  MORE…

Chemical Injection Product Overview