Stay Tuned – exciting new product announcements coming


We will be making some new product announcements in the coming weeks.  They promise to be relevant, relatable, and helpful  to our loyal customers.  We are continually working on expanding our product line to help you, make your job easier and less stressful.

Like all of our other product lines these new changes will help you with your metering, controls, and process control equipment needs.

Stay tuned, this will be good!!!!!

a gift for our customers

Our customers had requests, we are responding!

Global Petroleum Show 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting us in Calgary during the 2018 Global Petroleum Show.  The 2018 edition of the show was a great success.  We saw a greater amount of traffic at the show this year.  Reports are that our booth was busy and well received.  We made some tweaks and upgrades to our display improving our “findability” and visibility.  Hopefully you were able to come and see us.


New Staffing Changes

At GPS 2018 we were able to speak to many of you and “put a name to the face” as we like to say. This is always a bit of a challenge for us as 98% of our business relationships are handled over the phone.  Traditionally we have done an admittedly poor job of face to face connections with our customers.  That said, we will also soon be announcing some exciting new staffing changes here at Peterson Instruments.  These changes will help us to serve your better and maintain a better one on one relationship with ALL of you, our customers.  We are VERY excited about the opportunities this will afford us.  We are excited to more actively engage with our wide range of all of our customers.  This includes those customers that have been with us for decades as well as those that are newer to us.