SA-77 Automatic Liquid Sampler

Why the SA-77?

Liquid Sampling is the cornerstone of what Peterson Instruments does.  The sampling of your produced liquids is key to ensure quality standards are being met in a timely and cost effective manner.  At Peterson Instruments we were driven to make a better sampler because there were just too many lesser quality alternatives in use.  Basically, we designed the SA-77 because  we were sick of repairing inferior products that often were repaired at great cost to the end user.  So we built a better mouse trap.  We built the SA-77.  The SA-77 sampling line is designed around reliability, low cost of entry, and low cost of operation while reliably producing accurate and representative samples.

Why Sample?

Our SA-77 Sampler is a sample extraction tool for liquids production (wellhead or processing facility) testing. The SA-77 extracts samples that can then be transported to laboratory for analysis. Content ratios of your processes can aid in the determination of process control settings and production optimization.

How Does it Work?

The SA-77 Automatic Liquid Sampler operates by drawing samples from a pressurized liquid process and safely storing them in a receiver (glass 1.5L, HDPE 1.2L, HDPE 4.0L or HDPE 5.0L) bottle at atmospheric pressure. The control circuitry is pneumatically controlled and operated with a full electrically controlled and operated unit is also available.

Functioning on a proportional to time base or proportional to flow base, once the sample receiver (bottle) is full the SA-77 Liquid Sampler automatically stops cycling and cannot be restarted until the receiver is emptied.

All units come with 2 sample bottles or receivers, of desired material and size and one sample probe suitable to the process application.

What Applications?

The product line has evolved to a point where we have a sampler for almost any application:

  • Heavy oil? – We got this.
  • SAGD? – high temperature?  We have it covered.
  • High CO2 application? Been there done that.
  • H2S – that our bread and butter.
  • We have even sampled peanut butter and Canola oil production lines.

With all process wetted parts made of 316SST or Delrin® and seals available in a multitude of materials* the SA-77 is suitable for almost any liquid or liquid/gaseous process temperatures up to 350F. The SA-77 Sampler can be configured to accept an intermittent pneumatic pulse or a constant supply allowing an adjustable sample rate from 1s/sec to 1s/120sec, with sample sizes variable from 1cc to 20cc/sample. This allows the filling of a sample receiver to be spread over a very short or a very wide time base. Safe operating pressure (SaOP) of the SA-77 sampler is 750psig for the standard unit and 1440psig for the HP version.

Service personnel and management will be amazed with the ease and economics of installation and maintenance as well as the low initial cost of the SA-77 Liquid Sampler.

Oil production facilities (sweet or sour), water and wastewater analysis, food and beverage processing and production. High temperature and high pressure models available.
Materials: All wetted parts are 316 SST, Delrin®, Viton®,&/or Aflas®, Kalrez®, HSN/HNBR*
Operating Pressure: Standard Max: 750 psi (5171 kPag)
High Pressure Option: 1440 psi (9928 kPag)
Operating Temperature: Standard Max: 200 F (93 C)
High Temperature Option: 620 F (327 C)
Receivers: 1.8 L HDPE or 1.5 L Glass
Operating Signals: Pneumatically Powered
Single Stroke: Level Control Output: 3- 15 or 6-30 psi
Multi Stroke: Fixed Supply of 5 to 20 psi or Level Controller Output
Mounting: Standard - 2" Pipe Mount or Wall Mount
Dimensions: 9.25" x 8.00" approx. (without receiver)
Sample Size: 0.65 - 5.75 cc per cycle
Weight: 11Ibs

Additional Information

Flow meter not required
Environmentally Friendly
Anti-Spill Interlock
Two Moving Parts
Single and Multi-Stroke Versions Available

EHP Electric Sampler
Applicable to a number of industries…
The SA-77EHP Series of Liquid Sampler are electric samplers that can be used in all industries requiring flowing liquids to be sampled. Samples collected can then be transported to a laboratory for any analysis that is required by the applicable industry.

-Tanker loading/unloading system
-Truck off/on loading terminals
-LACT units
-Loss Control Auditing
-Custody Transfer Points
-Petrochemical Plants
-Process Point Testing
-Barge facilities

A number of different configurations…
You Control Version… Part Number: SA-77EHPUCONTROL, uses your existing PLC, DCS or SCADA RTU to control sample rate.

Complete self contained controls… be it flow triggered or time based we have designs that will meet your needs and electrical classifications.

Corrosion resistant wetted materials…
All wetted parts are made of 316SST, Kel-F® and seals available in a multitude of materials it is suitable for almost any liquid or liquid/gaseous process up to 160 o C (Standard unit to 93 oC). 300# and 600# ANSI class units available.
Fast and adjustable cycle time periods… With a minimum cycle time period of 3 seconds, the sample control system can be configured to a wide range of applications…
Adjustable sample size per cycle… The individual sample size can be varied from 2cc to 7cc/sample; this allows the filling of a sample receiver to be done over varied flow rates and/or time periods.

ELP Electric Sampler
The SA77-ELP is an economical method to provide safe and secure sampling shutoff at truck, ship or container unloading stations, custody transfer stations, or pipeline sampling stations. It provides a mechanical sample shutoff as well as an electrical signal to the sample control loop to indicate that the receiver bottle is full.
Unit shown has the 5.0L transport Canada approved SA77 (proprietary) bottle.
Multi-Head multi point options are available.

Sales Bulletin Instruction Operation Manual

*= Delrin® Viton® Karlez® are registered trademarks of Dupont, AFLAZ® is a registered trademark of ASAHI Glass Co.  Other materials optionally used in the SA-77 sampler include HSN/HNBR