Flow Recorders

Flow Recorders

The Dri Flo II recorder is the current day descendant of American Meter/Canadian Meter ancestors. The American Meter 10/20FS, the Foxboro 40 series, and the Barton 199 series were the first of the mechanical recorders developed for highly accurate mechanical measurement of pressure, temperature and flow. The dual cell bellows unit was developed by American meter in the mid 1900's.

The Dri-Flo II recorder is available in any configuration of sensing elements including: Pressure, (as per below ranges up to 0-2500 psig for flow recorders), differential pressure to 400 "W.C., and temperatures to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The differential pressure sensing units consists of two hermetically sealed, liquid filled bellows joined to a common wall or centerplate. The fill liquid communicated with both bellows through a dampening screw. This unit will withstand repeated overranges equal to the operating pressure without causing calibration change. Movement is transmitted through a sealed torque tube and stainless steel linkage to a recording pen in the instrument case. All process wetted parts are made of 316 Stainless steel, forged C1018 steel or inconel, or alloy K-500, thus ensuring extended periods of trouble free operation. Calibrations are simplified with knurled finger adjustments and locking screws to maintain accuracy.

Flow (Differential Pressure) Ranges:

0-20" W.C. 0-100" W.C. 0-400" W.C. 0-50" W.C. 0-200" W.C.

Standard Pressure Ranges Available:

0-50 psig 0-500 psig 0-2500 psig
0-100 psig 0-750 psig 0-3000 psig
0-200 psig 0-1000 psig 0-4000 psig
0-250 psig 0-1500 psig 0-5000 psig
0-300 psig 0-2000 psig 0-10,000 psig