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HLR Controls

(a Moncus Energy Group Co.) manufactures over 300 different pneumatic/hydraulic safety system control instruments for oil-gas and petro-chemical companies world wide. HLR Controls instruments allow facility operators to identify and provide a specific control response. Prompt customer service, quality products and quick deliveries are the cornerstones of our success.  HLR Controls manufactures over 300 standard safety system controls.  Including instructions for changing configurations.

Model 7970 pressure switch feature VIDEO

1 1/8″ Piston Arrangement VIDEO

1/2″ Piston Arrangement VIDEO

1/4″ Piston Arrangement VIDEO

3/16″ Piston Arrangement VIDEO


Including instructions for changing piston configurations.

Model 7970 Pressure Sensor

Model: 7970HA

The model 7970 pressure sensor is a heavy duty pneumatic or hydraulically controlled switch that can sense pressures ranging from 10 to 10,000 psig - in 1 switch, no extra parts or different springs are needed. This is accomplished by dividing the sensing pressure field into four ranges via a brilliantly designed variable area sensing piston.

Four piston configuration ranges:
-10-290psig (68.95kPa-2000kPa)
-290-1440psig (2000kPa-9929kPa)
-1440-5900psig (9929kPa-40.68MPa)
-5900-10,000psig (40.68MPa-68.95MPa)
Changing the piston arrangement is accomplished by simple re-arrangement of the piston parts installed, plus those found in the onboard parts tube located in the center of the sensing spring.

All this and a deadband of only 3-4% of setpoint and industry leading economics of ownership.

Design Features:

Dimensions: 1.750” Dia. X 8.000” L.
Working Pressure: Sensed Inlet - 10 - 10,000 PSIMax.
Process Connections: 1/2”-14 MNPT & 1/8”-27 FNPT
Control Connections: 1/4”-18 FNPT
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Panel Mount Detail: 1 5/8” diameter hole required.

A. Instrument Supply pressure 30-125 PSI Pneumatic or Hydraulic.
B. Extra parts for changing piston arrangements are stored in tube in adjusting cap.

Other 7970 Series Models available:

7970-20M - 2,000-20,000 PSI Adjustment Range with 9/16 Medium Pressure Conn
7970-20H - 2,000-20,000 PSI Adjustment Range with 9/16 High Pressure Conn
7970T - Teflon “wetted” O-rings, NACE Certified
7970LP - Low Pressure, 2-50 PSI adjustment range
7970H-A - Offset instrument controls ports for 3/8 tubing
7970SS - All stainless steel (316SS)
7970DSS - Duplex stainless steel “wetted” parts

For piston re-configuring and re-ranging instructions watch the video linked above.

HLR 5000 High/Low/Relay Assembly

Model: HLR5000

HLR Controls has taken a 7970 Pressure Sensor set (PSHL)(The PSHL is the automatic reset hi and low set), and an HLR 150-14FM Manual Reset Relay (MRR) and tubed it up in a typical single well hook-up configuration to allow for sensing and tripping of both hi and low pressure setpoints with start-up bypass and with monitoring of control circuit pressure all encased in a full 316SST package.

HLR Start-Up Bypass Hi/Lo Shutdown

Model: 7970SETLPRA

The economical Single well safety system with a manual bypass of low pressure switch for start-up. Once a safe minimum operating pressure is met then the low sewtpoint bypass clears to allow all shutdowns to activate on trip, of either hi or low pressure.