Orifice Plates


photo4-WEBPeterson Instruments’ Orifice plates are made to the most rigorous of design specifications*. We stock 316 sst with other material available on request.  Each plate has its heat number, bore, OD and material spec engraved and not hot stamped or acid etched to ensure this information on the outer edge is clear and legible for the lifetime of the plate.

At our Calgary warehouse we stock thousands of 1/8″ thick bevel edge measurement orifice plates.  In the cat 500 we stock all internal bores for run sizes 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ (in 1/8″ size intervals) and 8” plates in (1/4″ bore size intervals).  We stock cat 520 plates in all bores for runs 2”, 3” and 4”.