Turbine Meters

As is our practice, we only stock and represent the best in quality.  Also, we do so  in such a way as to provide fast delivery to your dock.  After an extensive search to try to find the best for our customers and clientele we are excited to announce that we are now a now stocking distributor for Turbines Inc., turbine meters.   As our customers have come to expect, we STOCK a large quantity of meters, kits, totalizers (or monitors) and accessories.

Performance Data:

  • Repeatability: +/- 0.1% over flow range (except TM0038)
  • Linearity: +/- 1.0% (density dependent)
  • Operating Temperature: -100° F to +300° F
  • End Connection: Victaulic ®, NPT, flanged, or wafer
  • Flow Range: 0.5 to 200 ACFM


We are currently stocking wafer and threaded meters, intrinsically safe monitors (totalizers), pickups, hub extenders, install kits, repair kits and more.

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In-Line (or threaded) Turbine Meters
TM0100 - 1x1 NPT threaded meter*
Slim Line Turbine Meters
Wafer Style Turbine Meters

WM0100X2 –1inx2in, 5-50 gpm*
WK0100X2 –rep kit for above*

WM0150X2 –1 1/2 inx2in, 15-180 gpm*
WK0150X2 –rep kit for above*
WK0150X2NP –NI plated rep kit for above (sour)*

WM0200X2 –2 inx2in, 40-400 gpm*
WK0200X2 –rep kit for above*
Flanged Turbine Meters
Intrinsically Safe Monitor / Totalizer
F012P Liquid Turbine Flow Monitor*
-local readout
-multi unit readout
-easily field configured
-3-5 year battery life
-large LCD display with automatic temperature adjustment for contrast
-rugged micro switch keys
-Clearly displayed function and operational status of the monitor
Explosion Proof Monitor / Totalizer
FML250 Liquid Flow Monitor

-Battery powered operation selectable power modes
-temperature range: -22° F to +150° F
-temperature Comp:-328° F to +1,000° F
-built-in test system for diagnostics
-2-40 point linearization
-front keypad programmable,
-LCD display
Slim Line Repair Kits
WK0100X2 - wafer rep kit 1x2*
WK0150X2 - wafer rep kit 1 1/2x2*
WK0150X2NP - above kit Nickel Plated*
WK0200X2 - wafer rep kit 2x2*
Threaded or In Line Repair Kits
TK0100 - 1" threaded rep kit*
* = in stock in Calgary

More threaded repair kit data…

The Turbines Inc range of in-line and wafer-style turbine meters are ruggedized, stainless steel, precision machined, offered with CD4MCu and/or 416 stainless steel rotors.

Performance Data:

  • Accuracy over range: +/- 1.0%* except TM0038 and WM0038 which are +/- 2.0%
  • Repeatability over flow range: +/- 0.10%
  • Operating temperature: -100 °F to +300 °F
  • Line sizes from 3/8 inch through 10 inches

In-line turbines include:

Wafer-style turbines include:


Other Turbine Meter Application Types Available:

Gas  /  High Accuracy  /  TMX Corrosive  /  High Pressure  /  Quick Change  /  Slurry