Single Stroke Liquid Sampler

The SA-77 Liquid Sampler is a sample extraction tool providing liquids production source (wellhead) testing.

The samples that this unit extracts can then be transported to laboratory for analysis. Content ratios help aid in the determination of settings and production optimization.

Varying processes can pose issues of durability. Therefore, all SA-77 process wetted parts are made of 316SST or Delrin® with seals available in a multitude of materials.* The SA-77 is suitable for almost any liquid or liquid process. The single stroke model will extract one sample per pulse of control circuit air or gas that it receives. This intermittent air or fuel gas supply is what drives the sampler valving. Commonly this is facilitated by ‘teeing’ off of the output of a level controller in an oil separator package.

All SA-77 pneumatically operated samplers have Canada wide CRNs and can operate up to 1440psig process pressure, (HP model samplers).

Most noteworthy, is the durability and ease of maintenance of the SA-77. Service personnel and management will be amazed with the low cost of ownership of the SA-77 Liquid Sampler and ease of operation.

Single-stroke Glass Bottle Sampler
pt#: SA-77SXXPX

SA-77 Liquid Sampler Applications:
Water Cut determination
• for production Accounting
• for production Optimization

Steam injection optimization (Water Usage and Steam Generation) in SAGD Heavy Oil and Bitumen production

Sales Oil BS&W (Basic Sediment & Water)
• Truck Loading/Unloading
• Rail Loading/Unloading
• Ship Loading/Unloading

• Loss control auditing
• Heavy Oil Installations
• Hi Temperature process applications
• Contract sampling for custody transfer points
• Process Point Testing
• Chemical usage optimization in oil production
• Portable well testing
• Liquid food production; Canola Oil, Margarine, and Peanut Butter (smooth and chunky)
• Water treatment sampling

*Seal materials available:

-Viton (©Dupont)
-AFLAS (©Asahi Glass Co)