TripMate Magnetic Induction Switch

Magnetic shutoff switch and proximity sensor


The newly redesigned TripMate™ 2012 self-powered magnetic shutoff switch and proximity sensor penetrates through metal and non-metal materials to sense metal objects moving past the switch. Rugged and durable, the TripMate 2012 is the perfect solution for industrial applications that require plunger arrival sensing, piston stroke counting or tank level gauging. TripMate 2012 is the industry standard for reliable, easy to install plunger arrival sensors.


  • Easy Installation and Hookup
  • Deep Penetrating High-Strength Magnet
  • Long-Term Reliability - Epoxy Sealed Unit
  • High Powered Switch - 30 Volts at 2 Amperes
  • Intrinsically Safe - Class 1, Division 1 Certified


  • Plunger/Gas Lift
  • Stroke Counter
  • Proximity Sensing
  • Automation Sensor
  • Piston Timing
  • Tank Level Control
  • Plunger Arrival
  • Magnetic Shut-Off

Trip Mate User’s Guide