SA-77 Multi-Stroke Liquid Sampler

The Multi Stroke Liquid Sampler by SA-77 is similar to the Single Stroke model in basic functionality.  It  operates by drawing samples from a liquid process and storing them in a sample receiver (bottle) for later analysis.

The Multi Stroke Model accepts a constant air supply allowing an adjustable sample rate from 1 sample/second to 1 sample/120sec.  The same as the single stroke model, sample sizes are adjustable from 1cc to 20cc/sample. This allows the filling of a sample receiver to be spread over a very short or a very wide time base.

This model is particularly well suited to oil production facilities where there are very long or very rapid liquid dump cycles. The multi-stroke is best suited to applications where a single stroke model will tend to fill its receiver bottle up and shut off too soon to provide a good (representative) sample over a sufficiently long (24hr) time base.


Multi Stroke SA-77 Liquid Sampler Applications:

  • Water Cut determination
    • for production Accounting
    • for production Optimization
  • Steam injection optimization (Water Usage and Steam Generation) in SAGD Heavy Oil and Bitumen
  • Sales Oil BS&W (Basic Sediment & Water)
    • Truck Loading/Unloading
    • Rail Loading/Unloading
    • Ship Loading/Unloading
  • Loss control auditing
  • Heavy Oil Installations
  • Hi Temperature process applications
  • Contract sampling for custody transfer points
  • Process Point Testing
  • Chemical usage optimization in oil production
  • Portable well testing
  • Liquid food production; Canola Oil, Margarine, and Peanut Butter (smooth and chunky)
  • Water treatment sampling

Delrin® Viton® Karlez® are registered trademarks of Dupont, AFLAZ® is a registered trademark of ASAHI Glass Co.  Other materials optionally used in the SA-77 sampler include HSN/HNBR