Multi Stroke Liquid Sampler

Multi-stroke Plastic Bottle Sampler pt#: SA-77MXXPX

Multi-stroke Plastic Bottle Sampler pt#: SA-77MXXPX

The Multi Stroke Liquid Sampler by SA-77 is similar to the Single Stroke model in basic functionality, operating by drawing samples from a liquid process and storing them in a container for later analysis.

The Multi Stroke Model accepts a constant supply allowing an adjustable sample rate from 1sample/second to 1sample/120sec.  The same as the single stroke model, sample sizes are adjustable from 1cc to 20cc/sample. This allows the filling of a sample receiver to be spread over a very short or a very wide time base.

This model is particularly well suited to oil production facilities where there are very long or very rapid liquid dump cycles. The single stroke model will tend to fill its receiver bottle up and shut off too soon to provide a good (representative) sample over a sufficiently long (24hr) time base.


Multi Stroke SA-77 Liquid Sampler Applications:

  • Water Cut determination
    • for production Accounting
    • for production Optimization
  • Steam injection optimization (Water Usage and Steam Generation) in SAGD Heavy Oil and Bitumen
  • Sales Oil BS&W (Basic Sediment & Water)
    • Truck Loading/Unloading
    • Rail Loading/Unloading
    • Ship Loading/Unloading
  • Loss control auditing
  • Heavy Oil Installations
  • Hi Temperature process applications
  • Contract sampling for custody transfer points
  • Process Point Testing
  • Chemical usage optimization in oil production
  • Portable well testing
  • Liquid food production; Canola Oil, Margarine, and Peanut Butter (smooth and chunky)
  • Water treatment sampling

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