Peterson Instruments’ History

Peterson InstrumentsThroughout Peterson Instruments’ history, our corporate focus has been on quality products and quality service in a timely fashion, where the customer and the job are put first.  We are four generations deep in Alberta oil and still family owned.  We have been doing this a long time and we know how to make things right in this business.


Peterson Instruments was formed March 25, 1975 in Camrose Alberta, Canada.  The business rapidly grew to become a leading service and construction instrumentation company.  We had oil and gas instrumentation maintenance and construction contracts throughout western Canada.

Sales and Manufacturing

In 1988 Peterson branched into sales and distribution, as well as manufacturing.  This shift was facilitated by securing Canadian distribution agreements for:

  • Calcon Corporation – system control safety devices(since acquired by Amot Controls™)


  • Sonceboz Corporation – Swiss timing device product line.

In 1993 we completed the purchase of the the Dri-Flo II™ orifice flow recorder product line from American Meter™.  This started us on the road to larger scale manufacturing.

A larger and more internationally accessible location was needed.  Hence we started operations in Calgary Alberta in 1992.  At this time we retained our Camrose service office.  Peterson experienced rapid growth of SA-77 Automatic Liquid Sampler line of samplers, further securing our expertise in manufacturing.

Our line of samplers has grown to include sampling of:

  • water and wastewater,
  • canola oil and other food oils,
  • heavy oils from the oil and gas sector
  • peanut butter – yes that is right peanut butter in both chunky and smooth.  Prompting one of our applications engineers to quip: “If we can sample peanut butter we can sample anything.”

In 2004 we sold the Camrose service office to focus on sales and manufacturing.  This allowed us to fully support the instrumentation service and construction companies that made up the majority of our customer base.  These same customers were previously our competitors in service and construction.

The Future

Our management team has over 80 years of combined instrumentation expertise.  Our product lines continue to grow and diversify.  However,  our priority of prompt, efficient and accurate customer service remains paramount.  Just as it has since our inception in 1975.

Peterson Instruments