Peterson Instruments strives to provide the very best in quality in all of our products and services.  If you should need service or warranty work please contact us.  We will issue you an SO or RG # and then you can send your product in for shop repair or service.  Please note that due to the large quantity of DPU’s that we service each month we do not issue SO or RG #’s for this type of work.

DPU’s – Peterson Instruments provides in house repair and exchange of Barton ™ style differential pressure units.  Think of it as you would if you had an alternator or starter purchased from your local auto parts dealer.  They charge you a core charge up front and then credit you back when you return the failed unit.  We do the same thing in our DPU exchange program.  You send them into us first (via courier pre-paid) with a note including: company name, contact name, ph#, return shipping address, and courier and courier account# and PO#.  Upon arrival Peterson Instruments performs an inspection and they registered by serial number into our program.  We encourage you to use our packaging that we send bellows out in, to return ship these units to us as this will help to protect the vitally important parts (torque tube) from damage in shipment.  While we understand that these are used and failed dpu’s we do try to re-use internal parts and Torque Tubes, therefore proper packaging is important to ensure that you will not experience extra charges from Peterson Instruments for damaged Torque tubes.  Also please ensure that all pieces are included with the DPU’s we do not require the end caps but we do require the range spring even if it is damaged to a point where you may feel that it is beyond repair.  Peterson Instruments does not absorb the freight either way (for the exchange nor for the re-built unit going to you).  Again, this is like the your local auto parts dealer, you have to bring the starter or alternator to their counter.  Peterson Instruments repairs and exchanges hundreds of DPU’s each month from manufacturer’s like: American Meter, Canadian Meter, Briar Equipment, Natco, Barton, Clif Mock, PMC Equipment and COE.

OKC Products – Peterson Instruments is a certified sales and service center for OKC Products.  We would be happy to provide you with a quote to repair your OKC Timemate Controller or your OKC Pumpmate Controller

Sonceboz Corp. – We would be happy to take a look at your CDS-8XX series chartdrives.  We no longer repair the Sonceboz mechanical chartdrives series 725 and 625.  Generally speaking the 820 series chartdrives are not economical for repair as the cost of parts and labor usually exceeds 50% of new.  There is a 2 year warranty on new units that commences on the date shown under the battery.  If you feel that your drive qualifies for warranty service please call us.