Static Elements

Range Springs

Stocked ranges of 0-20", 0-50', 0-100", 0-200", 0-300", and 0-400" W.C. We stock sour service application range springs only.

Static Elements

Our replacement static element are made to the exacting standards of the OEM's at a fraction the cost. We stock large quantities of pressure ranges from 25 up to 0-10,000psig. Ranges up to 30,000psig stocked in lesser quantity or may be available on special order.

Instrument Leveling Saddles

Our saddles are cast steel for extraordinary strength while retaining the ability to be produced economically. We stock 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12" leveling saddles with a 2" FNPT outtage fitting. We also stock the outtage pipe in lengths of 24".

5 Valve Block Manifold

The five-valve natural gas manifolds offered by Peterson Instruments are designed for use with differential pressure and multivariable transmitters or recorders. Incorporated into the manifolds, two block valves provide instrument isolation and a single drain/vent valve allows for controlled venting, 100% capture of vented or drained process, and simplified in-process calibration capability. In addition, two equalize valves provide extra protection from leaking to ensure DP signal integrity.