Recorder Wrench

At Peterson Instruments we are all about the details.  All of our management are ‘instrument guys’ with over over 100 years combined field instrumentation experience.  Back when they were actively doing field work they all agreed that one of the most critical tools each one of them had in their tool pouches was also the smallest.

It was a good quality 1/8″ open end or combination wrench.  We are not about to get into the tool business in any great scale, but when our customers started telling us that they couldn’t find these little guys at their regular tool supply shops, we went on a search.  After all, this is a no holds barred, everybody must have kind of a tool that is critical to daily operations.

After some searching and special “production ordering” we have them in stock now.  The best part is that they have hardly changed in price in 25 years.  Considering the importance this little guy has for many field technicians, they would be a bargain at twice the price.  Email us  or  call us to get yours today.

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