New Distributor Appointed – California

We are very excited to announce that Automated Controls and Equipment of Bakersfield has been appointed our distributor for the Western States of the USA.  ACE will be working as our area distributor (primarily) for our SA-77 sampling products.

Please feel free to contact them for your produced oil sampling needs.

Thank You

If you were one of the lucky ones to be able to attend the Global Petroleum Show June 10-12 in Calgary, you were witness to an awesome show.


If you made it by our booth to see us, we would like to THANK YOU.  As usual it is always a treat to be able to put a face to the name so to speak.  At Peterson Instruments we do not employ an outside sales force so face to face meetings are rare.   This does not mean that we don’t want to hear from you though.  If you have thoughts, questions, suggestion please follow us on Twitter or like us on FaceBook and we can interact.  Or just give us a call or an email.


Global Petroleum Show 2014

Be sure to visit us at the Global Petroleum Show, June 10 to 12, 2014.  We will be set up at booth 7924 in halls C and D.

Contact us for a free invite or click the graphic to register.


Recorder Wrench

At Peterson Instruments we are all about the details.  All of our management are ‘instrument guys’ with over over 100 years combined field instrumentation experience.  Back when they were actively doing field work they all agreed that one of the most critical tools each one of them had in their tool pouches was also the smallest.

It was a good quality 1/8″ open end or combination wrench.  We are not about to get into the tool business in any great scale, but when our customers started telling us that they couldn’t find these little guys at their regular tool supply shops, we went on a search.  After all, this is a no holds barred, everybody must have kind of a tool that is critical to daily operations.

After some searching and special “production ordering” we have them in stock now.  The best part is that they have hardly changed in price in 25 years.  Considering the importance this little guy has for many field technicians, they would be a bargain at twice the price.  Email us  or  call us to get yours today.

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New Sampler Models Being Introduced

When we first introduced our SA-77 Samplers, back in 1986, we did so as we saw a growing market requirement for a simple and reliable sampler.  It needed to by easy to repair at  a low cost, it needed to be tough enough to handle the riggers of the Canadian oilpatch.  It needed it to work in sour applications, applications with a lot of salt and potentially a lot of wax potentially, it needed to work in high temperature or low temperature applications.  And it needed to work with methanol, CO2 and any variety of VOCs.  We also needed a high pressure version to operate on projects that have 1440 psig pressure ratings.  We needed a pipe mount version as well as a cabinet mounted version.  Lastly we needed it to work in ‘light oil’ and ‘heavy oil”.  So we went ahead and built just that – the best lines of samplers on the market today to meet all the above eventualities.  And best of all it starts at prices less than a good cappuccino machine.

Now, we once again we find ourselves acting on what the market demands.  This time it is to provide an electric version.  We heard you say that you wanted it just as tough, and just as easy to maintain as the original.  It needed to run on 12/24vdc and 120vac. It needed to be programmable and capable of receiving multiple input signal types.  And of course the obvious, we needed to do all this in either intrinsically safe or explosion proof system platforms.

We will be having several models released in the next few months to cover all of these requirements.  The first one out of the chutes is our 24/12vdc (120vac optional)coil operated valve actuation version, the SA77EHC, now shipping.

Call or email us now  for more information.


Stay tuned for more to come…

Electric Samplers in production

A new batch of electric samplers being produced for shipment next week.


Thank you to all who supported us through 2013.  We truly appreciate our customers and try to help make your decision making processes in the instrumentation business easier whenever we can.


Congratulations to our valued and long term client who won the ipad mini.  We hope you are enjoying it.


In 2014 we will be enlarging our line of ELECTRICALLY OPERATED and electronically controlled produced oil samplers by SA-77.  We are shipping prototypes now, a few refinements are already in the works for spring 2014, including an on-board PLC version.  —contact us for more info

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2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey

survey_webNow is your chance to sound off on us and WIN an iPad Mini.  If you have now or have had in the past legitimate business dealings with Peterson Instruments please go here to complete the survey before October 15, 2013 for your chance to win a 16GB, iPad Mini with wifi connectivity.


 Only fully completed surveys (including name address and phone number) by current or past customers will be accepted and entered.ipad mini

Peterson Instruments Launches new ELECTRIC Sampler

Electric-Sampler-EHPThe SA-77 Electric Sampler has arrived!!

Working with a 24 VDC signal it operates on a proportional to flow and/or time base provided to it from off board control systems.  The heavy oil unit operates to a max of 500psig sample pressure and the regular (light) oil version operates at a maximum of 3000psig sample pressure.  All models are designed for sour or sweet operation with sample temperature handling capabilities up to 160C.